Many hands make light work….

We had a great time on Saturday morning planting out the 1,000 crocus crowns kindly donated by Hazel Grove Rotary Club as part of their recognition of National Polio Day.

We had lots of helpers to make what could have bee a difficult task quite an easy one.  Thank you to the mums and dads that helped and to Mr Marshall and Mr Winder who not only brought us the crocus seeds but also dug back the turf by hand.

We made some space to plant the crowns and carefully made sure they were the right way round.

Mr Marshall and Mr Winder dug the turf up for us in several patches on the lawn

When we had finished planting we covered them wit the turf. It was like a big jigsaw puzzle.

We shared the crocus crowns between us

We started from the outside and worked our way towards the middle of the hole.

We even arranged them in patterns!

It was fun!

I made sure my Dad was doing it right.

When we finished you couldn’t tell where we had planted them


Welcome Back –

“Do not be fooled by its commonplace appearance. Like so many things, it is not what outside, but what is inside that counts.” Aladdin, Aladdin

Welcome back to what I hope is going to be another Disneyfest of learning – if there is such a thing!  The classrooms will be hubs of imagination and creativity this half term as we explore the messages and themes from 1001 Arabian Nights including tales of Aladdin, magic lamps and carpets and adventures in far off places.

We hope to share some glimpses of our learning experiences through our class blogs starting this week. You can see what we’ve been up to and catch our latest posts in the next few days onwards.

Charity News

Our Year 4 Cakes went like the proverbial hot ones, so much so that I had to go to the shops to replenish stocks.  Thank you so much to everyone who gave so generously, Holly and her team raised £90 for Leukaemia Research and Brendan’s group matched that amount for the World Wildlife Fund.

We are looking forward to further fundraising fun on Friday for Children in Need.