Norbury Values


At Norbury Hall we are mindful that our young learners need opportunities to thrive and grow. We follow our own Norbury Values that encompass the philosophy of British values and promote opportunities to recognise and respond to the principles of:


The Rule of Law


Tolerance and understanding of those with other faiths and beliefs

Individual Liberty

We believe our values enable us to achieve the following aims for Norbury Hall Primary School:


  • to experience school as an enjoyable, calm, caring and inclusive community where there is high expectation and equality of opportunity for all with a real concern to develop and fulfil individual  potential


  • to provide a safe, secure and supportive school environment which is ordered and disciplined and in which children increasingly take responsibility for their own actions and develop pride, mutual respect, self-confidence and motivation whilst recognising and challenging  prejudice, harassment, bullying and barriers to learning
  • to encourage a strong and effective partnership between the school, the home and the wider community through effective communication and links and by developing a welcoming, listening school ethos which reflects our school’s shared vision and values
  • to ensure that all children have access to a broad, balanced, relevant and stimulating curriculum that promotes learning and supports personal development and the meeting of individual needs
  • to teach our children a wide range of skills that will equip them to succeed in a rapidly changing world, to face changes positively and to develop intellectually, physically, emotionally, socially, culturally and spiritually
  • to offer our pupils appropriate learning opportunities and challenges in which they can experience a sense of achievement and see collective and individual  successes celebrated by all
  • to encourage each child to make positive well-informed choices about healthy and fulfilling lifestyles and to develop a positive self image and a feeling of being valued as an individual
  • to help our children to see themselves as global citizens and to develop awareness of the impact their contribution can make on their local community and the wider world