Get here safely!

We are planning to be open as usual today but the surrounding roads are quite icy and the junctions at Shepley are very precarious. Please allow a little extra time to get here safely and in one piece!

The pathways are icy too and although we have endeavoured to clear and grit, the very low temperatures have made this a difficult, and in parts, redundant job.

Please take every care walking in to school and remind the children not to make slides on the pathways or to pick up and throw snow as by now it will be impacted with ice.

Staff will be on hand to see everyone in.

Best wishes,


Snow Day!

We are closed today, Wednesday 30th January. Although the snow seems to be slowing and as I write we have a light flurry, the surrounding roads are still difficult and our fantastic team have had difficulty getting in to school this morning.

We will do our best to keep you informed as to plans for tomorrow. Text messages will pop up throughout the afternoon and a final decision as to whether we open or close will be made by 8am tomorrow morning.

Have fun in the snow but keep safe.

Best wishes,


Friday March 2nd – OPEN

Morning Everyone,

It has been a very difficult decision but we have decided to open today as staff are making their way in to school and very little snow is due today. The main roads are passable but the side roads as you would imagine are icy so please take extra care if driving your child to school today. Parking could be hazardous right outside the school so please consider walking and allow extra time. We will extend our registration period this morning to accommodate late arrivals up to 9:30am.

With the very cold winds we are unlikely to be going out to play today. This may be reviewed if temperatures improve and the wind reduces this afternoon.

Entrances and pathways have been gritted but please take extra care coming in to school, there will undoubtedly be icy patches underfoot.

Let’s hope we can have a lovely Friday.


Recommend a Good Book…

Day Two of Book Week…

What a great start to our day, Reading Morning had lots of visitors and we welcomed some grown ups into the reading den too.  Now for some ‘read dating’. The children have a few short minutes to share and recommend their favourite reads to as many others in the class as possible. The classrooms are buzzing with chatter about stories and characters and there were even one or two non fiction references to share.

Book Week 2018 Has Arrived…

Well something magical happened in the holidays and our lovely library transformed into a magical reading space.  We have started this year’s dedicated week to reading and the love of books in style.

Where to start? Which books to choose?

Step inside the reading den and listen to the words lift from the pages of your favourite book.

Take a moment to record how the story makes you feel.

Magical moments, step inside the pages of another fantastic story.

Music Maestro Please….

What a fantastic start to our week of musical performances!  The children entertained us brilliantly with their musical skills on the keyboard, playing woodwind or brass instruments.  Great start to a very grey and drizzly day.  Thank you Mr Tinker for showing them how to do it.

Happy Half Term

I hope that you are enjoying the beginning of a restful and enjoyable half term.  I am currently updating the website and so some links may not be fully working although you should be able to access essential information.


Pizza Planets

IMG_0067                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 2H have been practising their grating skills by making planet pizzas!

We hope they taste out of this world!

Welcome Back!!

What a fabulous start to our new term.  The children have come back to school full of smiles and looking bright eyed and refreshed for the term ahead.  Everyone managed to find the right classroom and the right entrance – brilliant stuff. We are very excited about our new curriculum and the themes we will be covering to keep it creative, exciting and above all enjoyable for all our learners.

This term we will be working on Think of a Number – 100′ which will allow our learners a chance to explore the past 100 years in a variety of imaginative ways.

A very warm welcome to our new families and an extended welcome back to our existing families.

Let’s hope we get some of that September sunshine we’ve been promised to enjoy our lovely new outdoor environment, kindly provided by our fantastic PA.

Jacqui Ames