Double, double…

Two very lovely Grand High Witches and one very grumpy one!


Oompa Loompa fiddled dee, here’s a reading game for you to see!


My my my BFG – what big ears you have…


Even book characters take a moment to read for pleasure!


How many characters can you identify?


Ready to start a great Character Day at Norbury.

IMG_0206 IMG_0209 IMG_0211 IMG_0213 IMG_0214 IMG_0215 IMG_0217 IMG_0218 IMG_0219 IMG_0220 IMG_0221 IMG_0222 IMG_0223 IMG_0224 IMG_0225 IMG_0226 IMG_0227 IMG_0228 IMG_0229 IMG_0230Wow what a week we had last week.  After great preparations and much excitement the children arrived in their splendour dressed as every Roald Dahl character you can think of. The day was packed with exciting opportunities to rediscover some of our favourite stories from one of our favourite authors.