Friday 20th September 2013 Your PA Needs You!

As the weekend is upon us I wanted to remind parents that the PA will be meeting on Wednesday to hold the Annual General Meeting.  We will in school from 7pm where there will be wine and cheese and business will start from 7.30pm.  The PA at Norbury Hall has been responsible for so many brilliant events and ensures that the children get those little extras that make school life extra brilliant!  It would be lovely to welcome some new faces and share some new ideas and it is a great way to get to know the school really well.

Our current project funded partially by the PA is centred around our Outdoor Learning Initiatives.  You will most certainly have seen our brilliant allotment project and you may even have tasted some of our market garden herbs and vegetables.  We are  planning to construct a poly tunnel complete with more vegetable beds, flowers, plants and trees and the PA are helping to make this possible for us.  It means that even in rainy weather we can get out there and enjoy a little self sufficiency!

If you can spare an hour or so to join us next Wednesday then please come along.  We would be delighted to see the PA grow (just like our vegetables).

Have a great weekend.