Going out with a Bang – er!

What a week – we started with the excitement of pirates and amidst the rumble of oo – arrs and the spectacle of eye patches and swords we embraced the fabulous world of Swashbuckle. An amazing and exciting event for all who participated and although our lips are sealed until the show airs we can safely say that all of our pirates were victors in their own right.

Year 3 and Year 4 continued the buzz and the hive of excitement with their woodland rumpus.  ‘What’s a rumpus?’ Mrs Ames enquired. ‘It’s what we’ve just done!’ was the indignant reply.

Year 5 continued the woodland theme with descriptive writing of settings Shakespeare would be proud of.

And then there was Year 6 – wow, so grown up and yet so young.  We began each day enjoying our relaxing café culture – an opportunity to chat with friends and start the day with a positive edge and then we proceeded to the tests.  I am once again bursting with pride in the way that our learners have embraced the week and the challenges set before them – sorting their articles from their antonyms and calculating perimeter and problems.  They were a credit to all and to all who supported a great big thank you.

Going out with a banger you ask – well no self respecting café would survive without a Friday bacon or sausage roll – so that’s how we started today.

Have a lovely weekend everyone – Year 6 – the auditions are coming!!!