I’m a Celebrity….

What a week we’ve had…

Monday was the start of an amazing week where all the children in Recetion, Year 1 and Year 2 had a surprise visit from CBeebies and the Rhyme Rocket team.  They were entertained and excited to learn more about making up rhymes and even had a go at their own.

Then, yesterday, as part of their visit to Go on a Bear Hunt ,Year 2 were lucky enough to meet and great actor and actress John Thompson and Sherrie Hewson who just happened to pass by in between rehearsals for their Christmas Pantomime.  It seems our children were a real hit with both celebrities and it added to what was already a brilliant week

Last week we participated in a range of Pudsey related activities and raised a whopping £712.24 for Children in Need and on top of that Sam and Matthew, with the help of their Mum baked some brilliant Pudsey biscuits and raised a further £100 from the sale.img_2868

We had a great time eating them.  Thank you boys!

As we approach the end of November and look forward to the usual festivities in school we are all getting excited about next week’s Christmas Fair.  Join us next week at 6pm ( Friday December 2nd ) for fun, festivities, family time and maybe even Father Christmas!

Have a wonderful weekend.

Mrs Ames 🙂