Learning and GROWING together….

As we embark on an exciting December ahead of us with everything that the festive season brings us we have added a little more to our planting plan.  Mr Hulme – Duvall and the Gardening Team have worked hard to pre plan where trees and bulbs are gong to go and we are all very excited about the changes we are making to our very own landscape.  It is a profound thought to think that our children will be taking part in a legacy – they can look forward to visiting the school grounds with their own children or even grand children tens of years from now to identify the tree they planted, the wild flowers and wildlife they helped shape and the positive impact they will have had on the environment in their local community. It is an exciting vision.

The children are working hard to get everything ready for next week’s tree
planting. With over 400 trees to plant it’s going to be a busy time, we will
need as much help as possible. Not satisfied with 400 trees we also have 4000
bulbs from of Sainsbury’s Hazel  Grove to plant, so if you can help or at least
lend us any bulb planters we would be very grateful,”  Mr Hulme – Duvall

If you can join us in a week that we will most certainly be ‘learning and growing together’ we look forward to seeing you.

Fingers crossed the weather is kind to us and the ground is nice and soft for planting.  I don’t think our trees will be quite up to twinkly lights and baubles though!