NFF – Write to your MP.

Good Morning,

I wanted to thank you for your fantastic support regarding the national funding formula consultation and acknowledge the responses we have head from local MPs across the borough.

The consultation closes on Wednesday but that won’t be the end of our campaigning.  Stockport has been one of the worst funded Local Authorities across the country for the last 27 years.  We had hoped that the funding formula proposals would really help to boost funding across our schools and as a collective of Head teachers we were positive about the plan to reform funding to schools.

As in our letter to you, our parents, this has not proven to be the case.  Stockport as an authority has a small gain but we are still ranked 146 out of 150 in the funding allocation to our schools.  This will mean that from 2019 schools like ours will be dramatically hit by the shortfall in funding and the general on costs of between 8 and 11% predicted for the general running of the school.

We believe that the Government haven’t got it right this time and the more we campaign the more they may listen.  We don’t want to take funds from other LAs to provide for our learners we believe there should be a bigger pot of money in the first place.  We know that the Government have given more money to education than allocated before but when the general costs of running a school are continually rising this extra spend is cancelled out.

You may have seen in the press that several Local Authority groups across the country are lobbying MPs, making press release statements and considering allsorts of money efficiencies. They are talking about losing services to schools to support learners with specific needs, reducing staff which may mean bigger classes, stopping educational visits and extra curricular provision and even shortening the teaching week to save on additional costs to cover classes whilst teachers have their statutory planning time. Any of these measures will be detrimental to our learners learning.

Can you help? Yes you can.  If you haven’t already written to William Wragg then please do so.  He needs to hear that our school, like all Stockport schools face a really difficult future if this current proposal becomes a reality.

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog and thank you in advance for helping our school to be heard.