Norbury Values… from the mouths of babes…

I cannot believe we are fast approaching half term and that we shall soon be discussing the festivities and arrangements of – dare I say it… Christmas.

The autumn term always seems to be jam packed with events and the children are often brimming with excitement as we challenge them with even more to do as the expectations for learning seemed to get higher and higher.  This doesn’t seem to be too much for our learners here at Norbury though.

This week I was once again proud and delighted to be in the company of such empathetic, altruistic, caring and considerate children. As a school we promote our Norbury Values with each child being an ambassador for the school, each championing the strong moral values and beliefs we hold.

One of our values sits around responsibility. I have heard learners talking about taking responsibility to help one another in and around school. They speak eloquently about sharing and caring for one another and this is proven in their attitudes to each other around school. One learner actually remarked, “If we  take responsibility and raise money for cancer research there could be a cure by the time we’ve grown up.” Now, if that isn’t a young person with a strong moral core with a sense of responsibility I really don’t know what is.

I am especially proud of the  charitable approach the children have when thinking about fundraising and helping others outside of the school community.

We have four girls in Year 6 who are setting up their very own initiative called ’10 for 10′ which is aiming for a target of £500 for The Christie. The girls are planning to cycle 10 miles over half term along with their cycling dads. We are hoping they will plan some Golden Time events next half term for the children to take part in. What an inspiration – and only 10 years old!

IMG_2267Rebekah, Emily,Rebekah and Leah – the brains behind 10 for10!

I think our future is in safe hands!