Be Me with Kay

Welcome to Kay’s Page

Kay Harrison -Play Therapist and Mindfulness Specialist at Norbury Hall


Let me introduce myself. My name is Kay Harrison I am an accredited Play and Creative Arts Therapist and for the last four years I have been working at Norbury Hall as the resident therapist. During this time I have developed my role at the school to provide an emotional well being service for the whole school.

I provide individual play therapy sessions, group work, special time, drop in sessions and whole class mindfulness time. I also run cross stitch clubs and a play session over lunchtimes. I use play and creative arts to help children overcome a multitude of difficulties. I use a gentle, non intrusive approach that allows children to gain mastery over their feelings and enables them to become calmer, more confident and promotes resiliency.

My main interests are child development, attachment, neuroscience and self care. Helping children and families by helping them to help themselves is my passion.

I have set up this page so that I can share with you some of the mindfulness techniques which I teach the children and staff, interesting information and research that I come across through my extensive reading, groups, and my continuing professional development. I will provide you with recommended reading and links to interesting websites.

You can contact me by email with any feedback about this page or to ask me questions and I will try my best to help you. Alternatively you can find me at school in “The BeMe Room” opposite the school office Tuesday to Friday.

This term I have been doing circle time with our year six classes focusing on mindfulness.

Why not treat yourself to a little “ BeMe” time and practise some mindful breathing?

Mindfulness starts with the breath

Belly breathing

Close your eyes and simply notice your not try to change it …just notice for a while.

Now as you breathe let your belly inflate as the air goes into your body and notice it deflate as you exhale. Try this for a while.

If you notice your mind wandering as is it’s natural way, notice it then bring your attention back to your breath (ask your child about the puppy dog technique for this).

Feel your mind and body relax as you allow yourself some time just for you, simply breathing.

When you have mastered this technique you can check in with your breath regularly throughout the day which will result in a calmer, more focused and more alert you.

To help your children with belly breathing it is sometimes useful for them to use a breathing buddy (a small soft toy). Lying flat on the floor the breathing buddy is placed on the belly and the buddy rises and falls with breath.

Alternatively they can use a stretchy ball.

They pull the ball open as the belly fills with air on inhale and close it as the belly deflates on exhale.


With loving Kindness from Kay x