To Infinity and Beyond….

Wow, what a busy first day back!  So much seems to have been going on around school today.  There has been a distinct buzz – and I don’t mean Lightyear!

The children are well refreshed and looking forward to a learning journey full of gusto.  The activities on today’s menu varied from space exploration to gladiatoral combat (don’t worry – no one went to the lions!) to planning a red carpet event.

All this around our new termly theme of Think of a number 100 – to infinity and beyond.

Staff have planned some exciting events looking at inventors, their inventions and some amazing innovations that ensure our daily lives are easier more efficient and in some cases more fun.

It’s going to be a fantastic term ahead with lots to find out about….

One small step for our secret astronaut, one giant leap for learning at Norbury Hall.

One small step for our secret astronaut, one giant leap for learning at Norbury Hall.

Happy New Year – 2015

Just a quick message to wish everyone a very Happy New Year.  We are very excited about 2015 and the new challenges and learning opportunities it will bring for us.  I hope that everyone has managed to have a peaceful and rested Christmas break and that everyone is ready to get back to school on Monday.

We open as usual on Monday morning – our doors will be open at 8.50am.  The teachers have been busy in school planning a very active first week for our brand new year. This term we continue on our ‘Think of a number …’ theme but our focus this term is ‘To infinity and beyond.’  We shall be finding out about the inventors and their impact on our daily lives.  Perhaps we have a future inventor or two amongst our learners and this term we will discover something wonderful….

It’s beginning to feel a lot like Christmas….

As we embark on the excitement that is the Christmas Holidays I wanted to take this opportunity to thank everyone associated with Norbury Hall for another brilliant year.  Our learners continue to show us their talents and skills and surprise us with their ever growing resilience as they tackle the challenges set before them in their learning experiences.

The last fortnight has been a buzz of energy with concerts, performances, Christmas customs and learning challenges.  Norbury Hall has been a host for festivities and the corridors have been filled with hearty laughter as well as poignant moments of reflection as we consider the key players of the Christmas Truce as part of our ‘Think of a Number 100’ theme.

Last Thursday we said Goodbye to Mrs Wild after another fantastic (although terribly acted) pantomime for the children.  The staff excelled at being bad and as well as fluffing their lines they managed to say goodbye to Mrs Wild in style accompanied by some lovely singing from the children.  I am sure Mrs Wild will go on to achieve many great things at her new school and although we will miss her we know she takes with her many happy Norbury memories.


Mrs Wild or is it Snow White?


As Norbury the Squirrel was busy for panto this year, his very good friend Bob the Robin made his first (of many – no doubt) cameo appearance as a key accomplice of the evil queen.


Bob the Robin wishing everyone a Happy Holiday.


May I take this opportunity to wish everyone a very happy holiday too and I hope you are able to have a rest and to spend time with loved ones to make this time of year special.  I look forward to the next step of the Norbury learning journey as we move on to 2015.


Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Think of a number – 100!

Wow- Year 6 really entertained us this morning with their brilliant cohort assembly and open morning. From accounts of overcoming fears and developing confidence through our Robinwood Residential to moving extracts of writing in role as soldiers in the trenches in WW1.

Our audience were surprised by a unique episode of The Great British Bake Off and it is fair to say that our learners showed off their acting abilities with gusto! Great stuff Year 6 – you really made us smile.

I was impressed with the confidence of our performers and the musical skills of our solo guitarist and his trio of singers!

Another great assembly to start another great day at Norbury.

Well done to everyone and have a lovely weekend.




Robinwood 2014 I want my mummy!


Robinwood 2014 They were climbing the walls – apparently!


Robinwood 2014 Year 6 – Completely on target!

Welcome Back!!

What a fabulous start to our new term.  The children have come back to school full of smiles and looking bright eyed and refreshed for the term ahead.  Everyone managed to find the right classroom and the right entrance – brilliant stuff. We are very excited about our new curriculum and the themes we will be covering to keep it creative, exciting and above all enjoyable for all our learners.

This term we will be working on Think of a Number – 100′ which will allow our learners a chance to explore the past 100 years in a variety of imaginative ways.

A very warm welcome to our new families and an extended welcome back to our existing families.

Let’s hope we get some of that September sunshine we’ve been promised to enjoy our lovely new outdoor environment, kindly provided by our fantastic PA.

Jacqui Ames

News, News, News…

Well it seems that I have neglected the blog for some weeks as life at Norbury has continued to be busy, busy,busy.

We have had a summer term 2 full of exciting events from our super science week full of traps and some great science experiences and the welcome presence of the mysterious dome to our recent win at the Hazel Grove Carnival for the third year running. A great big thank you to the PA team who managed to put everything together and let us shine on Saturday even if the sun wasn’t.  Thanks too for the brilliant children who adorned the float in their gangster suits and flapper dresses. Once again a fine example of brilliant behaviour – well done!!

Last week was our 4 performance run of Bugsy Malone – another dramatic triumph for the actors and actresses in our Y6 Team. I was truly amazed at the styling, choreography, acting, singing and overall presentation of such an ambitious production.

And then today… another buzz around school in the sunshine. Bikeability training in the playground for our Y6 learners. A new adventure at playtime for our new Y3 children in the Junior Playground and the wave goodbye this morning of our intrepid explorers in Y5 ( new y6)!!!

Having checked in with Miss Wood I can report they arrived safely and raring to go for the hike to the centre and have enjoyed a variety of activities including the giant swing.  There were plenty of smiles and clean plates at this evening’s meal and then more activity time as I write.  Miss Wood reports that they are behaving well and are a delight to take away.  I suspect, as always, the first night may well be the longest one!

I will keep you all updated on the daily adventures until they return on Wednesday evening.

Going out with a Bang – er!

What a week – we started with the excitement of pirates and amidst the rumble of oo – arrs and the spectacle of eye patches and swords we embraced the fabulous world of Swashbuckle. An amazing and exciting event for all who participated and although our lips are sealed until the show airs we can safely say that all of our pirates were victors in their own right.

Year 3 and Year 4 continued the buzz and the hive of excitement with their woodland rumpus.  ‘What’s a rumpus?’ Mrs Ames enquired. ‘It’s what we’ve just done!’ was the indignant reply.

Year 5 continued the woodland theme with descriptive writing of settings Shakespeare would be proud of.

And then there was Year 6 – wow, so grown up and yet so young.  We began each day enjoying our relaxing café culture – an opportunity to chat with friends and start the day with a positive edge and then we proceeded to the tests.  I am once again bursting with pride in the way that our learners have embraced the week and the challenges set before them – sorting their articles from their antonyms and calculating perimeter and problems.  They were a credit to all and to all who supported a great big thank you.

Going out with a banger you ask – well no self respecting café would survive without a Friday bacon or sausage roll – so that’s how we started today.

Have a lovely weekend everyone – Year 6 – the auditions are coming!!!

Pirates and Potatoes….

Welcome back after what I hope was a lovely weekend.  It feels like it has been a long day for some here at Norbury.  Our smiling Swashbucklers were ready, willing and very able at 7.00am this morning for a busy morning ahead filming at Media City.  I’m not so sure real pirates were ever so glamorous and by all accounts definitely not as well behaved.  Thank you to parents for putting in the early start and getting our learners dressed up so well and a great big thank you to staff who started work much, much earlier than the usual Monday morning.

We also welcomed some of our Year 6 students bright and early for ‘breakfast and banter’.  A chance to come in and have a drink, some breakfast and a chat with friends before this morning’s reading test. Who knew potatoes could be so interesting?  Having completed the first stage of their assessments this week I can report that they have behaved beautifully and as expected, tried their very best.  More of the same tomorrow.  Breakfast from 8.30am and then GAPS.


Those were the days…

Another triumphant performance for our fabulous choir.

Another triumphant performance for our fabulous choir.

We were entertained by the choir once again last Thursday at Stockport Town Hall and I can honestly say I was bursting with pride as the children sang for parents, friends and other local schools.

I have received emails congratulating the children on their fantastic singing and even special congratulations from other schools.  Thank you to all the children who participated and the parents who were able to support the event and of course, thank you to Mrs Wild who has given up her time to get the choir to the high standard that they are.

The children clearly enjoyed their performance and we look forward to the next event.


By all accounts the children had a very busy week last week and this continues to be matched with Enterprise Coffee Mornings, Easter Egg Hunts and The Easter Raffle too to look forward to.

We welcomed several visitors to school last week including a surprise drop in from Mr Dodd who called in to say hello as well review the performance of the school football teams.  Much to Miss Malone’s relief the teams played brilliantly and came away with two wins. I hear that Mr Dodd was very impressed.

Friday was a special day for our School Councillors who welcomed two additional visitors to their meeting. Michael Gove and William Wragg visited the school and were able to listen in to the important discussions our councillors had regarding improving school life.  After discussion of fundraising, creative thinking and being expressive through the arts the children moved on to talk about which new special theme days may be coming up.  It would seem that the summer term will have opportunities for dressing up, swapping things around and having lots of fun.

Our visitors were expectedly impressed by their visit and described our school as ‘lovely’.  They were impressed at the articulate confidence our learners had as they shared their thoughts about how to learn science more effectively and what could be added to make learning more memorable.

The discussion moved on to sports and favourite football teams. After determining a pretty even split between the Reds and the Blues of Manchester the children sympathised with the Secretary of State as he confessed to being a follower of QPR.

Then the children were quizzed about their favourite fun activities and how important sport was to them.  The children smiled gleefully as they discussed crazy hair and wearing onesies and then delivered an impressive list of extra curricular activities – football, rugby, cricket, tennis, swimming, lacrosse, gymnastics and dance bounced from voice to voice and then with a quiet conviction, Isabelle replied, ‘My favourite sport’, she recalled, ‘The egg and spoon race!’

A very memorable meeting indeed!


School Council Meeting with a couple of extra members.

School Council Meeting with a couple of extra members.


Puddles and mud – no problem!

A great big well done to all our cross country contributors.  Everyone who has participated in training as well as compete in the Saturday runs should be brimming with pride as we came home yesterday with an impressive set of trophies and medals.  Thank you to the parents who continue to support the event and to those who stepped in to support the training given by Mr Hulme -Duvall.

Having only just thawed out from yesterday’s icy winds and persistent rains I can honestly say it was a proud moment when our children were recognised in all categories for their efforts and achievements.  Special medals went to Bow and Alec for their phenomenal performances this season – extremely well received.  I can’t believe how composed and effortless Bow’s run appeared and his smile from ear to ear said it all.

As this season closes we can feel proud of our team.  Well done to all!

I hope all our runners have been able to take a well earned rest in the warm today.