Those were the days…

Another triumphant performance for our fabulous choir.

Another triumphant performance for our fabulous choir.

We were entertained by the choir once again last Thursday at Stockport Town Hall and I can honestly say I was bursting with pride as the children sang for parents, friends and other local schools.

I have received emails congratulating the children on their fantastic singing and even special congratulations from other schools.  Thank you to all the children who participated and the parents who were able to support the event and of course, thank you to Mrs Wild who has given up her time to get the choir to the high standard that they are.

The children clearly enjoyed their performance and we look forward to the next event.


By all accounts the children had a very busy week last week and this continues to be matched with Enterprise Coffee Mornings, Easter Egg Hunts and The Easter Raffle too to look forward to.

We welcomed several visitors to school last week including a surprise drop in from Mr Dodd who called in to say hello as well review the performance of the school football teams.  Much to Miss Malone’s relief the teams played brilliantly and came away with two wins. I hear that Mr Dodd was very impressed.

Friday was a special day for our School Councillors who welcomed two additional visitors to their meeting. Michael Gove and William Wragg visited the school and were able to listen in to the important discussions our councillors had regarding improving school life.  After discussion of fundraising, creative thinking and being expressive through the arts the children moved on to talk about which new special theme days may be coming up.  It would seem that the summer term will have opportunities for dressing up, swapping things around and having lots of fun.

Our visitors were expectedly impressed by their visit and described our school as ‘lovely’.  They were impressed at the articulate confidence our learners had as they shared their thoughts about how to learn science more effectively and what could be added to make learning more memorable.

The discussion moved on to sports and favourite football teams. After determining a pretty even split between the Reds and the Blues of Manchester the children sympathised with the Secretary of State as he confessed to being a follower of QPR.

Then the children were quizzed about their favourite fun activities and how important sport was to them.  The children smiled gleefully as they discussed crazy hair and wearing onesies and then delivered an impressive list of extra curricular activities – football, rugby, cricket, tennis, swimming, lacrosse, gymnastics and dance bounced from voice to voice and then with a quiet conviction, Isabelle replied, ‘My favourite sport’, she recalled, ‘The egg and spoon race!’

A very memorable meeting indeed!


School Council Meeting with a couple of extra members.

School Council Meeting with a couple of extra members.


Puddles and mud – no problem!

A great big well done to all our cross country contributors.  Everyone who has participated in training as well as compete in the Saturday runs should be brimming with pride as we came home yesterday with an impressive set of trophies and medals.  Thank you to the parents who continue to support the event and to those who stepped in to support the training given by Mr Hulme -Duvall.

Having only just thawed out from yesterday’s icy winds and persistent rains I can honestly say it was a proud moment when our children were recognised in all categories for their efforts and achievements.  Special medals went to Bow and Alec for their phenomenal performances this season – extremely well received.  I can’t believe how composed and effortless Bow’s run appeared and his smile from ear to ear said it all.

As this season closes we can feel proud of our team.  Well done to all!

I hope all our runners have been able to take a well earned rest in the warm today.

What a wonderful world!…

A very belated Happy New Year?  Well, 2014 has already proven to be a busy year.  With the usual coughs, colds and sneezes making background music around the school the children have been busy getting into the stride of learning – all around our new theme of ‘Can we make our world a better place?’

Judging by the outcome of the last two weeks, the smiles on the children’s faces and the overwhelming sense of resilience amongst all our learners – young and old – we live and learn in a pretty wonderful place already.  With visits to Sainsbury’s, McDonalds and a first hand view of the proposed bypass development there have been lots of walking opportunities despite the wind, rain and the dreaded mud!

The children have delighted us in Y3 and Y4 with their culinary skills at home – perhaps we have a future Masterchef or Great British Bake Off Winner in our sights!

Here’s to a very busy 2014, with lots to learn, to enjoy and to discover.

Can we make our world a better place?  I am sure that together, at Norbury Hall, we certainly can!

Twas the night before we finish….

Twas the night before we finish,

and right across the school.

The children are partying and wearing something ‘cool’!


The cards are being finished,

the calendars too.

The teachers passing presents they must not undo!


The excitement is mounting,

there is laughter in the air.

The Panto is coming…

oh what will we wear?


And so as we wish,

for gifts and goodwill.

A snowflake or two

on our Christmas windowsill.


We get ready to finish,

share with family and friends.

Think of wishes and wants as…

2013 ends!


‘Merry Christmas’ from Norbury!

Said with festive cheer.

We look forward to seeing you

In a brand New Year!!!

A great big thank you to the children for continuing to work hard in all they do this year.  To the staff who have worked tirelessly to give the very best learning opportunities to our children and to the families and the wider community for their continued commitment, interest and support.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


All the fun of the fair….

Thank you so much to everyone who helped support our Christmas Fair on Friday.  It was a very busy event and you certainly came out to support us on a very cold and wet  evening!  We don’t have a total raised yet but I wanted you to know that the money will go towards further developing our market garden and outdoor learning spaces.  We are hoping to have our very own poly tunnel to grow even more vegetables and make some sensory enquiry spaces around the grounds. The money raised will provide us with tools, planting beds, compost and more seeds and shrubs.

Friday was a very busy day indeed – we were visited by Key 103 at lunchtime who recorded a special podcast of OJ switching on our Christmas Lights draped around the first 100 of our new shrubs and trees.  Thank you to Lucy and her Mum for mentioning us to the radio DJ when he appealed for places to visit to switch on the lights.  We had a grand countdown and in the daylight our lights twinkled a little – but that certainly didn’t dampen our spirits.  We are waiting for the podcast to be sent to school and once it is I will post it for you to hear.

Well, school certainly has a festive feel to it – our wonderful KS2 Choir will be performing at The Bridgewater Hall tonight as part of a special concert to support Clic Sargent – one of our charities.  This continues the wonderful singing at Norbury after a delightful Christmas Service at Norbury Church for Y6 learners last week.  The service was beautiful and our Y6 singers were excellent.  Thank you to the staff, children and their parents for supporting us with these events – it makes a special time of year even more special.

There is, of course, lots more to look forward to.  We have our Early Years Performances this Wednesday and our KS2 Carol Service on Friday afternoon at Norbury Church.  Next week we have our KS1 Performances on Monday and Tuesday and all the following excitement of the week before Christmas.

I am sure I will have lots more to post before we finish for the holidays but in the meantime I hope you are all enjoying the festivities at this fabulous time of year.

Learning and GROWING together….

As we embark on an exciting December ahead of us with everything that the festive season brings us we have added a little more to our planting plan.  Mr Hulme – Duvall and the Gardening Team have worked hard to pre plan where trees and bulbs are gong to go and we are all very excited about the changes we are making to our very own landscape.  It is a profound thought to think that our children will be taking part in a legacy – they can look forward to visiting the school grounds with their own children or even grand children tens of years from now to identify the tree they planted, the wild flowers and wildlife they helped shape and the positive impact they will have had on the environment in their local community. It is an exciting vision.

The children are working hard to get everything ready for next week’s tree
planting. With over 400 trees to plant it’s going to be a busy time, we will
need as much help as possible. Not satisfied with 400 trees we also have 4000
bulbs from of Sainsbury’s Hazel  Grove to plant, so if you can help or at least
lend us any bulb planters we would be very grateful,”  Mr Hulme – Duvall

If you can join us in a week that we will most certainly be ‘learning and growing together’ we look forward to seeing you.

Fingers crossed the weather is kind to us and the ground is nice and soft for planting.  I don’t think our trees will be quite up to twinkly lights and baubles though!



Mr Hulme – Duvall has all the answers!!!

image 1

Panic over – we haven’t been invaded by carrier bag wielding aliens!  The first phase of lots of exciting outdoor developments started this Saturday after a group of very kind volunteers gave up their time to plot the first of many planting spaces.

Mr Hulme -Duvall tells us more,

image (7) image


‘Amazingly the Sun shone and the rain held off for the first working party. With volunteer Mums and Dads mucking in to help make a wildlife corridor to connect the School grounds. This first phase starts with the transformation of the school grounds around the Eyam Road path, helping to form a relaxing area in which the children can discover the delights of wild flower meadows, orchards, herb and flower gardens. Free trees supplied from the Woodland Trust will form the basis of our new forage trail and wildlife corridor, and help to link the various parts of the school grounds. Future plans include a large insect and butterfly garden, forage walk with bird feeding stations, pond and re vamped woodland area. Again many thanks to those who gave up their Saturday to help in this first working party.

We hope you enjoy the photos of the mornings work.’


No Tricks … Treats all Round!

After a whirlwind week back in school I have momentarily paused to reflect as the school is in the thick of preparations for our Hallowe’en / Bonfire Disco.  It seems a long time ago that we were returning after the summer holidays and the even more recent half term break is difficult to call to memory as I take in another very busy week.

As the school hall becomes illuminated by costume clad infants bathed in disco lights and the sounds of the speakers booming amidst laughing and cheering I think back to our morning assembly and the celebratory certificates that were awarded.  ‘What do we look for in a Norbury Superstar?’ I asked.  ‘Lots,‘ replied my congregation.  ‘Teachers like it when we answer lots of questions and ask them too!’ ‘They like it when we smile and when we always try our best even when it’s tricky.’  ‘They like it most of all, when we enjoy what we’re learning because that means we’ve had fun.’ 

What a reflective group of learners we have.  I really do have the best job in the world.  To prove it – take a look at the fun we’re having right now.




… and even more fun continued.