Pirates and Potatoes….

Welcome back after what I hope was a lovely weekend.  It feels like it has been a long day for some here at Norbury.  Our smiling Swashbucklers were ready, willing and very able at 7.00am this morning for a busy morning ahead filming at Media City.  I’m not so sure real pirates were ever so glamorous and by all accounts definitely not as well behaved.  Thank you to parents for putting in the early start and getting our learners dressed up so well and a great big thank you to staff who started work much, much earlier than the usual Monday morning.

We also welcomed some of our Year 6 students bright and early for ‘breakfast and banter’.  A chance to come in and have a drink, some breakfast and a chat with friends before this morning’s reading test. Who knew potatoes could be so interesting?  Having completed the first stage of their assessments this week I can report that they have behaved beautifully and as expected, tried their very best.  More of the same tomorrow.  Breakfast from 8.30am and then GAPS.