Puddles and mud – no problem!

A great big well done to all our cross country contributors.  Everyone who has participated in training as well as compete in the Saturday runs should be brimming with pride as we came home yesterday with an impressive set of trophies and medals.  Thank you to the parents who continue to support the event and to those who stepped in to support the training given by Mr Hulme -Duvall.

Having only just thawed out from yesterday’s icy winds and persistent rains I can honestly say it was a proud moment when our children were recognised in all categories for their efforts and achievements.  Special medals went to Bow and Alec for their phenomenal performances this season – extremely well received.  I can’t believe how composed and effortless Bow’s run appeared and his smile from ear to ear said it all.

As this season closes we can feel proud of our team.  Well done to all!

I hope all our runners have been able to take a well earned rest in the warm today.