School Council

Norbury Hall has had a school council since 1997, it remains a popular way for the children to voice their opinions and is considered a strength of the school. Pupils, staff and other members of the school community have worked hard over the years to try and ensure its continued development.

Each year candidates are nominated, election posters produced and a special “hustings” assembly is held. The courage, confidence and professional approach the children show to this is a pleasure to observe. Finally the ballot box is emptied, the votes counted and the results are announced with an elected representative from each class from Year 1 to Year 6.

Each year the council chooses two charities to support in addition to our annual support for the work of Action Aid. These decisions are never easy and provoke much discussion. There are always plenty of ideas for fund raising, some more practical than others!

In addition to raising money the School Council works hard to be a voice for the children, to ensure their opinions are listened to and to explain where necessary why certain decisions are made. Many positive improvements around school, in the playground and to daily routines have been instigated by the children themselves.

In many ways the children can experience democracy in action, they have their opportunity to influence the decision makers and their confidence and willingness to ask searching questions is an asset to the school.

Secretary of State for Education Visit 2014

On March 28th the Council were excited to receive a visit from Michael Gove, Secretary of State for Education and William Wragg the potential Conservative candidate for Hazel Grove (and a past pupil of NHPS).

The visit gave our councillors the chance to ask some questions about being in Government and also showed the School’s Minister what we think is important in our school.

He talked about favourite sports, football teams and books and even told us that next time he visits he may attend in his onesie!?

It was a great opportunity to be part of living history.  We received a letter shortly after the visit in which Mr Gove described our councillors as articulate and empathetic, endorsing some of our fundraising ideas and commenting how bright and enthusiastic our learners were.

School Council Meeting with a couple of extra members.

School Council Meeting with a couple of extra members.