The Road to Rio…

It may have been  a breezy 10 degrees in not so sunny Hazel Grove but we were certainly feeling the heat of Carnival spirit as we samba danced, shimmied and most certainly made some noise!

…and we’re off.

…following the samba rhythm

…looks like we’re going this way.

… swing those hips.


…shake, shake, shake.

…hold on to your hats.

…oops – can you see where you are going?

…bang, bang, bang went the drums.

…keep up those smiles.

…another step forward.

…singing as we go.

…flags and banners high.

… banners bright and bold.


…a great time was had by all!

It was great to see so many parents and friends join us in the playground for our Carnival procession.  It may not have been quite Rio but there was a little bit of colour and fun in our learning today.

Great stuff!!