Those were the days…

Another triumphant performance for our fabulous choir.

Another triumphant performance for our fabulous choir.

We were entertained by the choir once again last Thursday at Stockport Town Hall and I can honestly say I was bursting with pride as the children sang for parents, friends and other local schools.

I have received emails congratulating the children on their fantastic singing and even special congratulations from other schools.  Thank you to all the children who participated and the parents who were able to support the event and of course, thank you to Mrs Wild who has given up her time to get the choir to the high standard that they are.

The children clearly enjoyed their performance and we look forward to the next event.


By all accounts the children had a very busy week last week and this continues to be matched with Enterprise Coffee Mornings, Easter Egg Hunts and The Easter Raffle too to look forward to.

We welcomed several visitors to school last week including a surprise drop in from Mr Dodd who called in to say hello as well review the performance of the school football teams.  Much to Miss Malone’s relief the teams played brilliantly and came away with two wins. I hear that Mr Dodd was very impressed.

Friday was a special day for our School Councillors who welcomed two additional visitors to their meeting. Michael Gove and William Wragg visited the school and were able to listen in to the important discussions our councillors had regarding improving school life.  After discussion of fundraising, creative thinking and being expressive through the arts the children moved on to talk about which new special theme days may be coming up.  It would seem that the summer term will have opportunities for dressing up, swapping things around and having lots of fun.

Our visitors were expectedly impressed by their visit and described our school as ‘lovely’.  They were impressed at the articulate confidence our learners had as they shared their thoughts about how to learn science more effectively and what could be added to make learning more memorable.

The discussion moved on to sports and favourite football teams. After determining a pretty even split between the Reds and the Blues of Manchester the children sympathised with the Secretary of State as he confessed to being a follower of QPR.

Then the children were quizzed about their favourite fun activities and how important sport was to them.  The children smiled gleefully as they discussed crazy hair and wearing onesies and then delivered an impressive list of extra curricular activities – football, rugby, cricket, tennis, swimming, lacrosse, gymnastics and dance bounced from voice to voice and then with a quiet conviction, Isabelle replied, ‘My favourite sport’, she recalled, ‘The egg and spoon race!’

A very memorable meeting indeed!


School Council Meeting with a couple of extra members.

School Council Meeting with a couple of extra members.