Twas the night before we finish….

Twas the night before we finish,

and right across the school.

The children are partying and wearing something ‘cool’!


The cards are being finished,

the calendars too.

The teachers passing presents they must not undo!


The excitement is mounting,

there is laughter in the air.

The Panto is coming…

oh what will we wear?


And so as we wish,

for gifts and goodwill.

A snowflake or two

on our Christmas windowsill.


We get ready to finish,

share with family and friends.

Think of wishes and wants as…

2013 ends!


‘Merry Christmas’ from Norbury!

Said with festive cheer.

We look forward to seeing you

In a brand New Year!!!

A great big thank you to the children for continuing to work hard in all they do this year.  To the staff who have worked tirelessly to give the very best learning opportunities to our children and to the families and the wider community for their continued commitment, interest and support.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!