The wearing of school uniform is encouraged and gives children a sense of identity and belonging, as well as being comfortable,  practical and affordable. It also raises our pupils’ image in the community. We are proud of our children’s behaviour and achievements, and want their appearance to reflect these high standards.

Basic Uniform

  *     Black shoes

  *     Grey trousers (for girls as well as boys), shorts, skirts and


  *     Pale blue shirts, blouses or polo shirt

  *     Royal blue sweatshirts, jumpers and cardigans

  *     Blue and white summer dresses


Cardigans, sweatshirts, polo shirts, fleeces and showerproof jackets with an embroidered logo and the school name can be purchased  from the School Office or



Children are asked to wear sensible black, flat shoes or sandals. Fashion footwear with high heels is a safety hazard and not suitable for school. Trainers should only be worn for games lessons.


PE kit

      Indoor                                      Outdoor

*    Black shorts                         *Black shorts

*    Plain white T-shirt              *Plain white T-shirt

*    Black pumps (optional)     *Trainers

                                                      *Tracksuit or jumper and trousers for winter weather

Jeans, sportswear and other brightly coloured clothing are discouraged as such clothing does not support the work ethos in the classroom. children with long hair are requested to tie their hair back  to ensure they do not get it caught in equipment during PE and games sessions.


The wearing of jewellery at school is actively discouraged. This is in the interests of safety for all our pupils and takes account of Stockport Council’s Health and Safety Policy. Children must remove all jewellery for PE, games and swimming, and must be able to do so themselves: teachers and support staff will not have the time to help them. We strongly advise that any jewellery should be left at home on the days that these activities take place. If parents insist that their children wear earrings at school, only stud earrings are permitted and they are worn at their owner’s risk, against the advice of the school. Parents are particularly asked not to arrange for their child’s ears to be pierced when swimming lessons are imminent in Years 4 and 5.