What a wonderful world!…

A very belated Happy New Year?  Well, 2014 has already proven to be a busy year.  With the usual coughs, colds and sneezes making background music around the school the children have been busy getting into the stride of learning – all around our new theme of ‘Can we make our world a better place?’

Judging by the outcome of the last two weeks, the smiles on the children’s faces and the overwhelming sense of resilience amongst all our learners – young and old – we live and learn in a pretty wonderful place already.  With visits to Sainsbury’s, McDonalds and a first hand view of the proposed bypass development there have been lots of walking opportunities despite the wind, rain and the dreaded mud!

The children have delighted us in Y3 and Y4 with their culinary skills at home – perhaps we have a future Masterchef or Great British Bake Off Winner in our sights!

Here’s to a very busy 2014, with lots to learn, to enjoy and to discover.

Can we make our world a better place?  I am sure that together, at Norbury Hall, we certainly can!