When it’s difficult to find the words….

Week beginning Monday 22nd May.

A response from two of our learners who sum it up beautifully.
We have had a busy week dotted with real moments of thought and reflection.
Our thoughts and prayers have continued to be with those affected by this week’s terrible news.
As we close for half term the children have enjoyed another fantastic half term of learning. From Google Expeditions to gym visits and zoo visits alongside healthy baking and heart dissection (gulp).
The sunshine has added to the excitement of the daily mile and despite a good excuse not to run our Y5 and Y6 learners have pushed themselves to the limit and really challenged their perseverance.
We have risen to the challenge of national assessments and we look forward to a new half term of fun filled learning ahead.
Congratulations and thanks to those children who have represented us in this half term’s sporting events, we have achieved some great results in netball, football, athletics, tennis and cricket.
Finally, what better on a hot day than an ice lolly – great big thank you to the PA for our surprise gift of an ice lolly each for playtime.
Have a lovely half term break – wherever you choose to spend it.  We look forward to seeing you back on Tuesday 13th June.