Year 5 Blog

November 2017 – what have we been up to?

We have been looking at developing our skills as a team. Working together and helping each other to take turns and come together to solve a problem. Sometimes it is important to be the person who listens and sometimes it is important to be the person with a suggestion as to what to do. In Year 5 we are working hard to really listen to each other and value what each person in the team has to say.

We worked together on problem solving as part of our work on team building.

We had to read the text and match each section.

Once we had finished we needed to listen to the next set of instructions.

This half term our working wall will help us write about Aladdin.

Text mapping will help us expand our story content.

We have to listen to each other to improve our story plots.

We have studied plants and looked at asexual reproduction.

We are exploring properties of shapes, looking at classifying and sorting them.